I have to confess. I have a wee bit of gypsy blood in my veins.

No, I wasn’t born in the back of a covered wagon. But I grew up traveling and living in a 40-foot Greyhound bus that swayed and shifted in the wind as it rolled down the highway–like gypsy wagons swayed and shifted, I’m guessing.

I come from a life of wandering, the wandering that took me to 50 states and 7 countries  in a traveling music ministry. I loved new adventures, new places, new experiences. And growing up traveling the country with my nine siblings, parents, and Mandy, our little dachshund, certainly provided me with plenty of those.

Although I’m not the world traveler today that I used to be, I find myself still feeling like a gypsy at times. I’m guessing you do, too. At the core of each of us is a longing for a home, a place to settle. We seek rest for our travel-weary souls, often in the wrong places. I know. I’ve done that, and still do sometimes.

On this blog, I hope to offer you some rest from your busy life. A place for you to tuck in and find a space of quiet. I invite you to join me as I peek into the past, explore new adventures, and generally enjoy the gypsy life full of dark and mysterious pain, of the steady murmur of daily life, of the sheer peaks of joy, and the sweet calm of dwelling in God’s presence.


Photo credits for The Gypsy Life: My talented younger brother, Matthew. Check out his website here.